Best Cheap Custom Name Necklaces

September 29, 2022

Looking for a cheap custom name necklace? We’ve got you covered! Personalized necklaces are timeless and make a great gift. Today we’re sharing the 5 best options on the market today.

Custom name necklaces are great for parents, grandparents, partners, etc. Whether you plan to wear your necklace every day or just for special occasions, any one of the options below would be a great choice.

1. Novgarden Cheap Custom Name Necklace With Fast Shipping

 custom name necklace

This cheap custom name necklace is not only affordable but also very durable. It features a sturdy lobster clasp, is hypoallergenic, and comes in silver, rose gold, gold, or black. It also comes in 5 different chain lengths and you can choose from stainless steel or silver.

Additionally, there are several styles to choose from. Some options include heart details, evil eye accents, and there’s even a vertical floral style.

2. Gold Custom Name Necklace

TinyName Custom

Here’s another custom name necklace that’s available on Amazon. This option also has some additional customizations including options with birthstones, hearts, and different fonts.

This custom name necklace is also available in a vertical style as well as the traditional horizontal style. It is another option that has several customizations.

3. 925 Sterling Silver Or Copper Custom Name Necklace


Cheap custom name necklaces make perfect gifts. This style is available in 925 sterling silver or copper. Like the others above you can customize the material, color, and chain length, but on this one, you can also choose between a 1 mm cable chain or a 2mm cable chain.

4. Cheap Gold Plated Custom Name Necklace

Custom Necklace

This custom name necklace has the most extensive chain length options. Whether you prefer a choker style or an extra-long look, you’ll be able to design it the way you like with this necklace.

5. Tinyname Custom Name Necklace


The customization options in this custom name necklace really allow you to let your personality shine through. Choose the color, length, and style to fit your style and have it delivered to your door in days.

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